Tuesday, April 05, 2005


In the book I'm writing now, Rashid's story, there's a line Ramses says right before Rashid and Jillian travel to the deep desert to find the lost treasure. He warns her, "The desert can kill the strongest man, but it is the darkness inside a man that can make him lose his soul.”

I think the darkness that is inside a writer can make her find her soul. When we look deep into those dark corners and write with passion, as if our fingers were bleeding on the keyboard, the results can be spectacular. Or dreck.

We take what's inside us, drag it out, sometimes kicking and screaming, and pour it into our books, like smooth, warm chocolate. And the reading public can either consume it with gusto and wax poetic over it.

Or it can cause them to have a severe case of the runs.

A long time ago, my editor gave me some wise advice. I appreciate it more now that I’m multi-published. He told me not to let others influence how I write because it can squelch the creative process.

How right he was.

What's most important is being true to yourself as a writer, finding your voice and taking that soul journey to keep the spark alive.

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