Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mr. Manhood

When romance writing goes bad - crossing over into the day job. Wrote an appeal and instead of writing the president's name, I typed, "Mr. Manhood."

Oops. It might raise more money. Maybe I should have left it. Later I started thinking about what kind of character a Mr. Manhood would be. You could do a whole series of romance novels.

Romancing Mr. Manhood

Mr. Manhood, circumcised, a cut above the rest

Mr. Manhood gets caught by lover’s husband: See Dick Run, Run Dick, Run

Mr. Manhood gets stuck in the tunnel of love

Literary Mr. Manhood:
Mr. Manhood the virgin: Great Expectations
Mr. Manhood at sea: Moby Dick
Mr. Manhood in a field: Catcher in the rye

Regency Mr. Manhood: This neckcloth is too freaking tight

Fantasy Series:
Mr. Manhood wears jewelry; Lord of the Rings
Mr. Manhood finds Viagra: Return of the King
Mr. Manhood talks about his friends belowstairs: The Two Towers
Mr. Manhood admits the truth about size: The Hobbit

Category series:
Mr. Manhood makes a secret baby
Mr. Manhood has amnesia and doesn’t remember where’s he’s been all night
Cowboy Mr. Manhood back in the saddle

Detective Mr. Manhood; a .44 that shoots straight

Sheikh Mr. Manhood finds oil in the desert: Lubrication is good!


Anonymous said...

keeping with your movie an literary theme, i thought sheikh mr. manhood was going to be lawrence of arabia...

Bonnie Vanak said...

Oh yes, Lawrence, in those flowing robes, stalking across the sands... looking so majestic all the while muttering to himself, "I've got sand in my underwear."

thanks for your comment!