Thursday, April 07, 2005

Policeman beheaded

I'm headed back to Haiti next month. Short trip, just around the city. More violence and bad news. Yesterday a cop was found beheaded, his body burned.

One NGO said Haiti's violence is making aid work impossible. I refuse to believe that. One of the visits will be to our girls home orphanage. I have a special interest in that home, because I was there when it was founded. I remember the girls living on in the abandoned building we turned into the home. One was only six, filthy, suspicious, distrust flaring in her dark brown eyes. I went back a few months later and there she was, in a clean, pressed uniform, giggling and hugging visitors. Just thinking about those girls now brings tears to my eyes. It's been ten years since we opened the home. All those young lives dependent on us.

Who will help them if we're forced to leave as well?

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