Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crazy ass road, The Lady and the Libertine contest

We returned to Bainet Thursday and saw the family we'd visited on our last visit. Brought a bunch of food and other stuff. The father was so happy to see us, and so grateful.

That was a good thing.

On our way back to PAP, our field manager, who was driving, opted for a short cut. It was supposed to take 45 minutes instead of taking the 1.5 hours the other road took to get to National Highway Number 2 to return to the capital.

I dubbed this road, of which photos are featured here, the "crazy ass road." It started out smooth, then got ridiculous. Instead of 45 minutes, it took us 2 hours! 2 hours to drive 37 kilometers.

Still, the scenery was pretty. Haiti has so much potential.

Then we saw this sign. Good Bye in French. We looked at each other like, Uh, good bye from where?

Where the hell were we? LOL

Eventually we made it back.

Now I'm home and exhausted. Tiger is doing ok after this past Monday's scare. I'm just glad I'm home so that when we have to do what we must, I'll be there and Dh won't have to face it alone like we feared he did on Monday.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I have an interview over at the UH blog about my April historical, my last Egyptian book, THE LADY AND THE LIBERTINE. Click here to check it out. I'll be giving away a copy of The Scorpion and Seducer.

And for now, I'm not blogging for a while. I need to focus on me, and concentrate on trying to regain myself. This was a tough trip and it's going to take a while to recover.

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Mary Ricksen said...

How on earth do you handle the emotional turmoil? I do envy you. I would love to go and see these things for myself. We live in the lap of luxury compared to the poor people of Haiti. It's so sad.
My best wishes with everything you have to deal with Bonnie.