Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back from Haiti

I'm back from Haiti.

This baby, who is a year old, we met at the hospital in Jacmel. She's got stage 3 malnutrition. Still, her chances are very very good. I have high hopes for her.

Not as high hopes for the little boy we met. The doctor who escorted us around is a really good guy. He made sure the little boy got the tests he needed, and gave him some meds.

But the news is pretty sad. His liver has shrunk to the size of a small plum. They're not sure until they finish doing all the tests, but it looks like unless he gets a liver transplant, he'll die.

So there we were, trying to help a child whom we know will probably die.

This job some days can break your heart.

I have other photos, but they're too disturbing for this blog.

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Mary Ricksen said...

How can there be things like this in a world like we have today?