Friday, February 13, 2009

Writing and more Haiti pix

This is a village market we passed on the way to Baie d'Orange last week. I love the outlandish, huge hats the women wear to shade their bodies as they sit and sell their wares in the hot sun.

If you ever want to take a step back in time, Haiti is a great place to go, as some villages, time seems to have stood still. They sell goods in open air markets like they did decades ago.

I have 5,000 words on The Savage Wolf, the Bite that's due next. I actually started writing it while in Haiti. Didn't write it in the Toyota, hard to type while bouncing over the goat path roadways, but I wrote in snatches in the hotel rooms and during breaks.

One of my goals this year as a writer, not an author, is to learn to write tighter, and improve my skills in writing shorts and novellas. They're tougher for me because you have to write so tight. It's more challenging for me to write a 15,000 word Bite than a full-length Nocturne.

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