Wednesday, February 04, 2009

From yesterday

Finally got these to upload. This is the good part of the road we traveled to get to Sainte Rock.

We drove back as dusk fell and then it got dark. We crossed a wide river bed that fortunately was quite dry. Sometimes the river is raging so hard you can't cross.

When they said on the news that it was remote, they meant it, which is one reason the UN does helicopter food drops. It's at least a 2.5 hour drive from Jacqmel.

This is a graveyard in Sainte Rock. We saw a lot of these.

This is a little girl we met whose mom walked into town, at least a three to four hour walk, maybe more, to borrow money so she could buy food for her children. None of them had eaten since the day before.

During hard times the mother normally could borrow from the neighhors, but even the neighbors have nothing.

Some are so desperate they try to sell their children. Two people have sold their children, a boy of 8 and a boy of 11.

One of the community officials told me that they sell their children "Like they are goats because they are so desperate. They even get a receipt for the sale."

Those who buy the children put them to work.

And there are still people who are dying from hunger. The woman the day before yesterday. A man a few days ago. "People here die in misery," the official told me.

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