Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good news

This is the music box I bought a few months ago when DH and I were at the Flagler Museum. I was writing THE LADY & THE LIBERTINE and wanted inspiration for that time period at the turn of the century.

The music box became an inspiration to shape the hero's character. I don't always use props when I'm writing, but this one worked out well.

Anyway, forget the pretty music box. (I collect them, BTW). Look what it's sitting upon.


I'm mailing it out today to my editor. It's done, done, done!

I'm blissfully happy. I made it!

Now for some more good news...

This week, I accepted an offer to write two more Silhouette Nocturnes, plus another Nocturne Bite.


The first book is called DEADLY TOUCH, and features a Draicon you'll meet in Enemy Lover in November. Raphael is a very cool, Cajun, Harley-riding Draicon werewolf.

The only thing is, gulp... that book is due in October. I have two months to write it.

Sooooo I'm going to be super busy the next two months, and probably neglecting things, like email, etc.

BTW, Annie, who just emailed me asking if I'm going to write any more Draicon books? Your email address bounced twice. I tried to respond, and the answer is yes.

Okay, off to mail this puppy, and then DH and I are going bike riding. My reward.


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