Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So much for staying offline

I had totally forgotten it was Nocturne Day. I did want to share something else, though, seeing its Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Did you know that ultrasound is more efficient in diagnosing a mass that may be cancer than a mammogram? A mammgram shows there's something there. Ultrasound shows if the something is dark, meaning it could be cancer, or clear, which is probably a cyst.

I found out because I went to get both because of the lump I found.I finally worked up the nerve to go to my MD. She says it's probably nothing, but ordered the tests. My aunt died of breast cancer, so I have to be very careful. I had the tests done and will get results back soon. And I hope and pray it's nothing.The tech told me next year they're going to recommend women get a yearly mammogram followed by ultrasound six months later.

I'm trying not to think about the lump, and the test results. I'm already so stressed about having another dog with cancer, and trying to keep her as comfortable as possible and trying to figure out the best course of action. But at least I had it done. And my cousins and I had made a promise to always get our yearly check-ups. Our mothers died of cancer. It's a horrid way to die. Neither of them went to the doctor to get checked.

Am I scared? Yeah. Any kind of abnormality scares me, with my family history. But ignoring it won't make it go away. I remember years ago a co-worker, who had a masectomy, swore she'd never again go through that. She knew something was wrong. Finally she went back for the re-check she had put off for far too long. They found something. She got scared and just took off. Ran away.

Finally she came back. They removed her other breast. But it was too late. She died of breast cancer. Cancer sucks. But they say if you can find it early enough, your chances of survival are very good. I'm thinking of a friend who found a lump when she was only 40. She had it removed, and radiation therapy and is cancer free today, years later.

Two words that are beautiful put together: Cancer-free.


Gillian Layne said...

Thoughts and prayers, Bonnie. Take the time you need, and I'll look forward to seeing you when you're back.

Jennifer Ashley said...

Bonnie--I'm glad I checked in with you! I've been trying to be offline too, and decided today to visit blogs and see what everyone's up to. I'm so sorry to hear aobut your dog--I know you just went through it with Tia... sigh.

Please, please keep me posted about your tests. I always wonder why we aren't given the BEST tests right away (ok, I know why--they're more expensive and insurance doesn't want to pay).

This isn't as bad as cancer, but when I had a horrible gall bladder problem, all tests were negative except the ultrasound, which showed a very bad gall bladder that had to come out before the stones backed up to my pancreas. (Thanks guys, the ultrasound took fifteen minutes, but I had to wait five days in agony before anyone got around to suggesting it.)

That said, I always make sure I go for my yearly checkups for cervical and breast cancers. The checkups are fairly cheap, even without insurance, and worth every penny!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bonnie. Praying for best results.