Friday, October 12, 2007


This is Marcus Patrick, a very sexy actor. I thought some hunk would suffice for my last post for a while.

Test results for me were negative. Relief.

Vet called, said our dog is just... a mess. Kidney stones, cancer is in her liver now, Cushings disease. Judging by the ultrasound, she's at least 15, maybe older, not the 11 years old the shelter thought.
Yeah, we adopted an older dog because we wanted to give her a good home after our beloved Tia died.
Yeah, we never thought we'd spend the latter part of this year like we did last year... caring for a terminally sick dog with cancer. Trying to ease her pain. We're not putting her on chemo. It's not right. We'd be doing it for ME, because I can't stand to lose another dog so close after we put Tia down.

DH is great. He tells me it was meant to be that she came to us, and had a loving home the last year of her life, with people who really cared. Instead of people who abused her, who didn't care.
It just sucks having another dog die of cancer less than a year than we lost Tia. But that's life. One day at a time, and you do the best you can, and move on. One reason my writing is so important to me. Even if people loathe my books, for me, the writing is a soothing balm. My imagination kicks in and gives me something else to think about other than the bad stuff.

Man, if I ever get very old, I want to be a dirty old lady who works as a Walmart greeter and pinches the butts of cute young guys. Not someone who complains about every little ailment, but someone who really cherishes every moment of life.

So anyway, going off line. Here's a bright spot to think positively. I think he's positively hunky. It's not a hump day hunk, but a Friday hunk.

Have a good one.


delfin said...

I am glad that the result had been negative. Since I read his message I have been concerned .
I sense that he have to cross again for the same situation that happened with Tía ... but our little friends give us so much ... without asking for absolutely nothing.
Bonnie, I desire a happy day

Me alegro de que el resultado haya sido negativo. Desde que leí su mensaje he estado preocupada.
Siento que tenga que atravesar de nuevo por la misma situación que pasó con Tía... pero nuestros pequeños amigos nos dan tanto... sin pedir absolutamente nada.
Bonnie, le deseo un alegre día

Gillian Layne said...

So very glad the results were negative.

I'm so sorry for your dog. Take care of yourself. He won't understand his diagnosis, but will be so comforted by your love.

Jennifer Ashley said...

Oh, phew, that your results were negative. Big sigh of relief. I was worried about you!

I am so very sorry to hear about your dog. But you are right when you say she came to you to be taken care of in a loving environment for her last year. You are giving her that much, so she doesn't have to be alone and afraid.

And I'll be right there with you pinching butts at Wal-mart, LOL! Especially if they look like this hunk. Oh, my, drool.

Toni Lea Andrews said...

Great news about your results!

My brother's 18 year old dog had surgery this week to remove tumors. She's doing well, but we're waiting for biopsy results. We agree with you on the topic of doggie chemo!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks everyone. It's much appreciated.