Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Booksigning this weekend

I'm doing a booksigning this weekend with 21 other authors at the Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs, Saturday, Nov. 3 from 2-5 p.m. 20% of the proceeds benefits the Adult Literacy League. Stop by just to say hello and get a free signed cover flat of my new Nocturne, THE EMPATH. Click here for details.

Also, stay tuned to this blog. My friend Jennifer Ashley and I were talking and because November is our 5 year anniversary of our debut books with Leisure, we're going to run a cool blog contest. We're still working out the details, so keep watching.

Five years ago we both got published. I totally forgot. I remember how excited I was when I saw The Falcon & the Dove on the shelves of bookstores. Seeing a dream realized is very cool.

Rainey is... hanging in there. My dog is blind now. It's heartbreaking to watch her. but her other senses must be kicking in because she seems to be managing better now than 3 days ago. She's barely eating. Showed no interest in food, other than a hot dog. I think it's because she's dying and also she can't see the food. So I bought her Hebrew National hot dogs, all beef. She ate some. My kosher Shih Tzu.

I suspect she won't make it until Thanksgiving and we'll have to put her down soon.

Such is life. We're just trying to keep her comfortable and keep lavishing love on her. It's all we can do.

The writing has picked up pace a little. The next Nocturne is due in four weeks and I'm not done, but I'm making some progress, which is better than nothing. I was supposed to be in Guatemala this week for the day job, instead I'm just going to the office each day. I opted out of that trip because Rainey is so sick and I couldn't leave DH alone all week to deal with a dog dying from cancer. I forgot how much work it is... giving her all the meds, trying to find food she will eat, and because she's on prednisone, she has to pee every two hours or so. So constantly, she's going outside. And she's having accidents. It's okay. This is why we have a rug machine.

Now Tropical Storm Noel, which is predicted to grow into HURRICANE Noel, may bump our coast. Or come on shore and say howdy. Noel already killed 20 people in the DR.

Tomorrow is Halloween and we get Noel.

What. Ever.

I have no energy to do anything hurricane. Hopefully DH can get some gas for the generator just in case the power kicks out. But other than that... I'm not doing anything. It's already very windy here, expected to be at least 30-40 mph today. I bet the dudes on the beach with their kite surfing are having a grand time. They're probably zipping along the coast and the crashing waves. I can envision it now, one big guy taking his kite and next thing you know, he's in Jacksonville, looks around and mutters. "Whoa dude. How did that happen?" :-)

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