Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I feel violated

Someone stole DH's credit card number, made a fake card and ran up our bill with purchases at Walmart and a Latin restaurant.

I bet they went to Walmart and didn't even buy my book, sons of whey-faced rats they are.

I'm pretty depressed right now. Between news of Dawn's death, and now this... Having Dh's credit card number stolen makes me feel violated. We work very hard for our money. DH works hard, and I have a day job in addition to writing romance. We are not rich, contrary to what some people think when they discover I write romance. Yeah, I had a couple of my historicals for sale in Walmart. Very cool. No, I'm not ready to start my own reality TV show called Who wants to be a Vanak?

More likely, "Who wants to be in debt and clean up dog yark from the carpet?"

It's not the first time I've been robbed. Years ago, I was helping out at a charity event, setting up for a black tie dinner when someone stole my purse from a very posh ballroom. I thought it was safely stowed beneath a table skirt. But someone had been watching, and it vanished, along with stuff I can never replace. Forget the hassle of the credit cards, money, etc. I had two rosaries in that purse. One was made by my aunt, a Dominican nun, for my wedding. She died before the wedding. The other belonged to my grandmother, also dead. When the police called and told me they found my purse, I was overjoyed and so hopeful. I retrieved it and dug through it. Here's the irony... everything was inside it, but the rosaries, the only items I really wanted back. The very personal gift my aunt, the nun, had made me was gone. I cried and cried over the loss. The rosaries were probably sold in some pawn shop, somewhere. I highly doubt it was a good Catholic who just wanted to pray a lot.

So here I am again, feeling icky and violated because someone stole from us. Like before, I feel like retreating from the world and the icky people in it. No more blogging, posting updates on my website, just retreat from the public and vanish. I just have to remember there are good people out there. But on days like today, it's tough. Very tough.


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