Thursday, July 21, 2005

What if all of Houston's population died?

Today I read a heartbreaking statistic.

Writing a brochure about Haiti, I came across a stat that said 28 percent of Haiti’s children under five die of starvation. That amounts to about 2 million children.

A statistic is just a number. You have to translate that number into meaning to give it the true impact.

Take the city, Houston, TX, with its population of 2 million (US census 2002). Now imagine the entire city populated by pre-school children under the age of 5. Two million innocent children.

Now, wipe them off the face of the earth after they die a slow, lingering, very painful death from starvation.

Two million smiles and laughter, two million faces gone forever.

Two million children dead from hunger.

Those are the empty, silent cries of hunger in Haiti.

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Mary Stella said...

Oh, Bonnie. What a heart-breaking statistic!