Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Naked butts, medical stuff, etc.

I don't know why I'm so attracted to men's tight naked butts. Give me the posterior any day over the frontal. There is just something about the squeezable gluteus maximus... hmmm... sounds like circus maximus... maybe a title for a medieval romance? SEDUCING THE GLUTEUS MAXIMUS. In ancient Rome, Phoebe finds herself in the amphitheater, tossed to the lions, aka Tony, Dave and Mike, the famed naked GLUTEUS MAXIMUS gladiators. To win her freedom and avoid being eaten alive, she must squeeze their butt muscles until their facial expressions (or something else) twitches. Then again, perhaps Phoebe does not mind being eaten alive by the infamous trio...

Went to the MD today and she suggested my wrist/finger numbness and tingling may be a neck problem. So I'll be wearing a cervical collar to see if that reduces the pain that flares up now and then.

My other personality, Blair Valentine, had started writing another fairy tale erotic romance but stopped. She's a bit weary and has suddenly realized Bonnie at the day job has a deskload of work and it's not good to have wrist and hand pain. So I've stopped writing romance at night for now to give both Bonnie and Blair a break.

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