Friday, July 15, 2005

Defiant and damn proud of it

Well, not if it gets me fired, lol...

Decided I was going to find a home after all for my Ellora's Cave calendar I had hanging up at work I was forced to remove. Where? My office at work, of course. Behind the door, where the map of Haiti used to hang. The map of Haiti everyone in my department always comes in to consult. I took down the map, hung up Mr. July, CJ Hollenbach, naked chest and all.

So this morning, my office mate and I have the door closed... which means, since our wall facing the hallway is glass... you can see what's on the wall behind the door when door is closed. The photographer I work with is strolling by, does a double take. He raps on the glass, points to CJ and says, "Uh, interesting map'."

Yeah, interesting map. Hee hee!

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