Sunday, December 26, 2004

Why I live in Florida

I think I've finally got the Christmas spirits.... I mean, spirit...

Christmas day was balmy, sticky, 76 degrees with me wishing for cooler temps, although sympathizing with those in the Midwest. Had a peaceful, good day with family.

Today? 58 degrees and I indulged. The hot tub was a blissful 103, the skies clear, the wind blowing 25 mph and I sat in the hot tub soaking for a wonderful, tension free 30 minutes, parboiling myself whilst sipping a cocktail. Admiring the way the palms are growing along the private back fence, relishing my greenery, the blue skies, and living in a state where I can slip into my hot tub and wriggle my toes above the water and know once I get out, my body will not turn into a giant popsicle. Each time I felt a little warm, I sat above the water line, chilled, and then sank beneath the warm water again. Ummmmm... Now it's time to try to write a little with my new Christmas gift, the wireless mouse Dh bought me.


Good Shepherd said...

You remind me of why I miss Florida! I am glad I am living and working where I am (Atlanta) but I sure miss Miami on days like today!

Bonnie Vanak said...

LOL! The weather is nice this time of year. It's just the traffic I can't stand. The weather does make up for hurricane season, though. Amazing how only weeks ago we were putting up shutters. Thanks for your comment! Bonnie Vanak