Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Me, the Wal-Mart greeter?

There is hope on the horizon for writing Rashid's story. Finally took a hard look at it and realized what was wrong. Switched some scenes, added some tension and voila! Also changed the breakfast scene with Jillian and her father. Showed his cruelty very overtly. The first three chapters stand crisp and sorta polished. End with a high tension hook. Need to add more emotional internal conflict. Rashid doesn't think he deserves love. He's afraid to love after all he's suffered. He's a haunted, tormented man.

Posted a love scene from COBRA on my web site today. It's the part where Kenneth feeds Badra a date and then ties her up naked between two pillars and starts kissing her. He does this because her greatest fear is being tied up and being helpless. So he replaces the memory of pain with intense pleasure.

My greatest fear? Lately it's finances. I looked at my retirement plan and cringed, realizing I'll probably be working in a full time job until I'm 90 years old. Of course at age 90 I won't have any teeth, let alone the physical energy to do the travel for the day job I do now, climb mountains, take long hikes in steamy tropical climates, stand in funky floodwaters when our vehicle gets trapped. A plan must be shaped for the future. I don't believe I have a real "career" in romance writing. I'm not good enough. Maybe that's the old neurosis talking. Or maybe not.

So I think I'll aspire to be the octogenarian Wal-Mart greeter while leaning on my walker. But I want to be a feisty octogenarian. Maybe I'll pinch young, studly men's butts as they pass, grinning madly at them as they whip around in startled confusion. Then I chortle, "Boxers or briefs? I think boxers. Men's wear on your right." Then laugh in silent amusement as they scurry away like frightened baby rabbits. Hmmm. Definitely something to look forward to in my golden years.

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