Wednesday, December 08, 2004

How fast can you dodge a bullet?

Not going to Haiti next week. Why? More violence, bloodshed, death and gunshots. Had to change our plans, but flights directly to where we are headed aren’t available. We are scheduled to go early January instead.

Plus we were advised, “Hey, if something happens while you’re there, you can always run.”

Translation: You can always outrun a bullet.

What am I, Superman? No it’s SUPERMISSIONARY! Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than an angry mob. Able to leap tall shacks in a single bound. Look, jumping up in the air! It’s a bird! It’s a plane. NO, it’s SUPERMISSIONARY!

Yes, it’s SUPERMISSIONARY, strange visitor from the United States, who came to Haiti with powers and abilities beyond that of mortal aid workers. SUPERMISSIONARY! Who can change the course of absolutely nothing, write notes with her bare hands! And who, disguised as Bonnie Vanak, mild-mannered and confused writer for a major international charity, fights the neverending battle against tyranny, injustice and the ever present dysentery!

Whoa boy…

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