Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Yipee! Small victory. Made my goal of getting to 200 pages on Rashid's story. Just pounded away last night on the laptop. Wrote 8 pages. They flowed. The more I write, the more I like his character and Jillian's. Figured out a scene where they begin to bond emotionally and her innver strength comes out. She steps in and helps him at a critical time. I love how he encourages her to be the person she's meant to be. Jillian thinks she's weak and she's been invisible most of her life, but he pushes her into stepping out of the shadows.

Decided to make chocolate rum balls tonight to celebrate. Oh dear. Bonnie baking. But since it doesn't involve turning on the oven, I think the household is safe. No blown circuit breakers, no fire extinguisher needed on stand-by. Using Barbancourt Five Star. Whoa boy. Merry, HIC, Christmas!

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