Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dogs rule and release schedule

Cookie, our new addition, is on the left. Dolce is on the right. He's got a new pal. Typical guy, he ignores her, but likes having her around, lol.

Already I can tell she's calmed him down. He longer barricades the door and barks like mad when I leave. He's like, "Uh, ok, buh bye, cyah!"

And because I miss her still, and will always miss her, here's a photo from 2006 of my beloved Tia. (sniff) She was my "writing buddy."

Life is hectic, very busy with personal stuff, and trying to figure out my writing schedule before I leave for a Nicaragua trip in one week. Gulp.

Here's what my releases for the rest of the year are:

August: DARKNESS OF THE WOLF, a Nocturne Bite (ebook)

October: IMMORTAL WOLF, Nocturne. This is Raphael's story from ENEMY LOVER.

October: PURSUIT OF THE WOLF: Free online serial from Harlequin, this features Indigo, Raphael's adopted brother (may change, but that's what I'm writing for now)

December: UNWRAPPED in HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE, Nocturne, anthology. This pairs Adrian, a banished vampire, with Sarah, a shunned Draicon. Also features green gremlins singing Christmas carols in little Santa suits. :-)

Til later!


Mary Ricksen said...

I love doggies!!!!
I just lost my baby girl German Shepherd yesterday. She's not dead, I just had to give her back to my BIL. I had her for a year since she was 10 wks. old. I was supposed to watch her for a week or two. He decided to take her back after all this time and I just spoke to him and he's drunk and passing out. Great for a dog who doesn't know him.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Aw Mary, I'm so sorry. That sucks. I hope your BIL takes good care of her, despite everything.