Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here's what's coming up in October from me... a FREE Harlequin online Nocturne serial!

This is the title and blurb. It's Indigo's story and promises to be fun to write! Indigo is a Changling, a half vampire, half Draicon werewolf. Yum!

Seducing the Vampire by Bonnie Vanak

Beautiful vampress Avril Antoine is the last person Indigo Mercier expects to stumble into his New Orleans tattoo shop one moonlit October night. Indigo, a half vampire, half Draicon werewolf, took Avril's blood and her innocence more than a century ago, an act that resulted in his banishment from the vampire clan. Now Avril is back in his life, needing a place to hide the legendary Anastasia charm from an evil vampire who covets the amulet's power to fulfill secret hopes and hidden dreams.

Avril Antoine remembers the rich, forbidden pleasure of that long-ago night with Indigo. As old passions ignite, it seems he will do anything to seduce Avril back into his bed...and Avril will be forced to choose between loyalty to her clan and surrendering to the dark, sensual call of the forbidden Changling male.


Mary Ricksen said...

Looking forward to it Bonnie! Sounds wonderful to me!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Mary! I hope you like it. Hope all is well with you.