Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas the day after Christmas

And in Bonnie's house
Her DH took control of the keyboard and mouse
She'd given him a new cell and to the computer he sped
Photos and numbers into the new toy he fed.

While the doggies napped to recover from their Christmas frolic
And Bonnie sat on the sofa, coughing as if she had colic
You see, she got sick Christmas eve, no uglier sight was ever seen
Spent the night tossing ballast while her face turned Christmas green

She finally recovered mid Christmas day
And nibbled on turkey while DH and FIL ate away
Played with her gifts, and was beginning to feel fine
But then they went to the neighbors and they begged her to try Brazilian wine

She spent Christmas night turning both green and red
Wanting to just spend the rest of the week in bed
Finally recovering she is now going to try to write
To meet the next deadline she will type with all her might

Calling forth the paranormal creatures to come out and play
On vampires, on Draicon werewolves, gremlins today!
Weave your magick, tell your story, hurry before we see night descend,
Bonnie's throwing a hot tub party later and has to get ready for company again.

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