Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's the most hectic time of the year...

Sorry for the absence, it's been a bit crazy between shopping for Christmas and getting ready for the holiday open house we did to show everyone the trains. The open house was last night and we all had a great time.

Yesterday was also the holiday party for my romance chapter, Florida Romance Writers. I seldom make meetings anymore, so it was simply wonderful to see everyone, and get to be festive with them. I finally got to meet Mary Ricksen, whose first book,
TRIPPING THROUGH TIME, is out next month. Yay! And got to spend time with FRW members I've known for a while, like Lyn Armstrong, Kathleen Pickering, Lisa Manuel/Allison Chase (she has a new dark paranormal out, yum, and others.

Today is clean up day and I'm hoping to finally just chill, and read and relax. I haven't written in a week or so, but that's a good thing because now I'm fired up to go and have all sorts of new ideas on how to write this vampire.

Someone said to me last night, "You must have a very creative imagination to think of all these stories."

Yeah, right now I'm imagining the mess in the kitchen is magically cleaning itself, lol!


Lyn Armstrong said...

Hi Bonnie,
I had a great time with you at the Xmas party, too. It was great to catch up.
I hope you have a very merry Xmas.


Mary Ricksen said...

As long as you are imaging up a maid, I could use one too. Heck, I could use a teenager with a mop. Is that an oxymoron?
Bonnie I will treasure your signed book forever!

Gillian Layne said...

I'm so glad your party went well. And it's nice you had a chance to reconnect with some writer friends as well.

We've hit the "worse before it's better" stage around here; the girls are making some Christmas goodies and there are presents everywhere that need to be wrapped. The cats think it's the best time ever. :)