Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is my temporary "office," where I've been writing the past day. Yesterday I wrote 15 pages, plus cut and slashed and edited. I took a two-hour break, drove into town, and ate leftovers for dinner, then at night, cut and slashed some more.

Today's goal is to write 4,000 words. Getting there.

This week is very conducive to productivity, because, ah, there's nothing else to do! The weather is overcast, gray, and cool. Tomorrow I might go on a hike in the park, and I'm driving to meet my brother as well.

If DH were here, it would be less lonely, and we'd be happily tooling around in the antique stores in the afternoons, and visiting local haunts. He's not so I write.

I can understand now why FT writers, many of them anyway, need to establish a routine. A routine can be a very good thing.

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