Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This made me laugh...

The whole flocking idea... posted over at Ferfe's blog.

Anyone who knows us, knows DH and I are flamingo fans. I got him a purple flamingo, with outfits, as a gag gift for Christmas.

See? The raincoat is for hurricane season.

My blog photo is me with our giant flamingo. Yes, we have giant blow up flamingoes. It's two flamingoes and recently when we held a party, friends called them the copulating flamingoes.

dirty minded friends...they were just two friendly flamingoes cuddling.

I wish someone would flock us, but I'd be tempted to keep said flamingoes. They're pretty rare these days since the OFFICIAL flamingo factory shut down and closed up shop.

Better yet I wish someone would flock the neighbors who manicure their lawn with nail scissors and pride themselves on their tasteful landscaping.

I bet they could use a little flock or two... maybe it would loosen them up? Maybe I should go over there and casually suggest, "Hey, you know what? You need to be flocked. You're both too tense. Flocking is really good to relieve stress. It can make you laugh, you can have fun and it will bring joy into your life. And if you're too embarassed to flock in the front yard, do it in the back yard where you can have privacy."

Us? We'd flock in the front yard. Because as our friends know, we're shameless and flock in the open. In public. We thought about being tasteful, but decided in the end to say "flock it."

Long live fun flocking.


Toni Lea Andrews said...

I have been following Ferfe's flocking saga with great interest. I just GOTTA flock someone.

Eva Gale said...

I say we ALL flock Ferfe.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Toni, Eva, I say Ferfe should be flocked. I'd like to see her flocked at home, and flocked at work, a flock of flamingoes peering over her shoulder as she works. It could grow into a movement.