Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hump Day Hunk

Haven't done one of these in a while. I've fallen behind in blogging, as I'm trying to get things done before I leave for Nicaragua next week for a work trip. This is Victor Webster, who played Phoebe's (I think) boyfriend on Charmed the last season. Definitely hunk material.

I'm crushed about Heath Ledger. What a talented, vibrant young actor. I loved his role in The Patriot, and the scene where he rides off with ink on his teeth was just too sweet for words. Too young. Too damn young. :-(


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Thanks for the hunk!

Yes, the Keith Ledger thing is extremely sad. I've seen him interviewed, and he came across as intelligent and thoughtful. I loved what he said about his role in Brokeback Mountain. When asked if the homosexual love scenes made him uncomfortable, he replied that of course they did. But the character was extremely uncomfortable with his sexual orientation, too, so it made sense to use his own unease in his performance.

Bonnie Vanak said...

You're welcome, Toni!