Monday, September 24, 2007

The Empath excerpt

This is the beginning of a love scene. Hope you enjoy.

She felt herself lifted and hooked her arms around Nicolas’ neck. Maggie squinted, shocked at how easily she could see in the darkness. The cottage he walked toward was square, with brown paint and a dull brown shingled roof. A wood rail fence ran around the edges of the land, ending where the forest began. Beneath a tall oak was a wooden swing built for two. A long wooden porch and sheltering tin roof ran the length of the home. Rocking chairs and wood Adirondack chairs lined the porch. Charming, quaint. Like grandma’s cottage in the woods.

She remembered the Big Bad Wolf, wanting to eat the little girl.

“If you want me to, I’ll do exactly that.”

The smoky desire in Nicolas’ voice filled her with delicious heat. She shifted in his arms as he opened the door.

“No key. No one dares to come here. The magick wards off all intruders, but Draicon.” He set her gently down on her feet, stroked her hair. “Which proves my point, Maggie. If you were not one of us, you couldn’t enter. As soon as you reached the driveway, you’d become so violently ill you’d be forced to turn around. The suggestion of food poisoning would erase any suspicion from your mind.”

Maggie ran a hand up his chest, relishing the hardness beneath her fingertips. He’d done so much to keep her safe, putting her needs before his own. The wolf inside her howled with a different need than to run wild and free. Her fingers slipped up the strong curve of his neck, testing the hard pads of muscle on his thick shoulders.

His big body was like chiseled marble. Suddenly she wanted to test his weight, feel him mount her and be inside her.

Nicolas pushed her hand away. His eyes were tormented.

“Go inside, Maggie,” he said thickly. “Make yourself comfortable. I need to check the property.”

“This time of night? I thought you said it was safe.”

“It is. I’m not.”

Swallowing hard, she watched him start to tug the shirt over his head. “Inside, now,” he growled. “I need to run with the moon before I take you and release this wildness inside me. It’s your first time and I want to be gentle.”

Taken aback, she stared. “How… did you?”

“I can tell,” he said shortly. “I can’t smell another man on you.”

Instead of entering the cottage she watched him remove his shirt. Moonlight gilded the rippling muscles of his biceps, the thick hair on his chest. Stubble shadowed his jaw, though he had shaved before they left this afternoon. He kicked off his shoes, removed his socks. Nicolas growled again and turned his back as he tugged down his jeans. Fascinated she saw the outline of his heavy testicles dangling between his outstretched legs.

“Go inside,” he said in a strangled tone.

Maggie watched the smooth halves of his muscled ass as he loped off toward the forest.


Gillian Layne said...

Goodness, Bonnie, I have an irresistible urge to drag my husband off to bed.

That must be a two thumbs up! :)

Bonnie Vanak said...

I hope you had a good time, Gillian! ;-)