Thursday, May 12, 2005

Virgins & Walmart

Had a great time last Monday chatting with the ladies from Mystic Castle. What a fun group. Some of them got going on virgins in romance having sex.

Virgin meets boy, gasp! Surrenders her virginity (gasp, gasp!) and has eight dozen orgasms the first time she loses her 1) barrier 2) maidenhood 3) steel wall of resistance 5) love shield 6) concrete barricade?

Barricade? Hey that sounds like driving on I-95 everyday. Can you imagine the traffic report?

Broadcaster: Median barrier causing severe delays northbound. On-ramp is blocked. Driver is advised to find alternate route.

I write historicals, so I can easily get away with writing virgins. I like exploring the wonder of making nooky for the first time. When a virgin encounters the Great Staff of Ra, it can be quite entertaining.

Handsome Hero with Great Staff of Ra: “What is it, my sweet? Do not be afraid of my Giant Love Pole. For yes, I am rather large. Like the towering columns of Karnak is my love wand, all nine inches of me, but…”

Virgin, frowning: “That’s nine inches? Now I know why men can’t measure…”

I’m in a funky mood today. I’ve still got email to answer, tons of stuff on my list to do before heading off to Haiti Monday, but I’m procrastinating. Halfway done with edits to my Ellora’s Cave story. Will finish those before I leave.

Last night hubby and I went to Walmart and I saw The Cobra & the Concubine! Woo hoo! Right on the top shelf next to Danielle Steel. I took Ms. Steel’s book and rubbed it against my book, hoping her sales will rub off on mine. I think the shoppers thought I was nuts (the mystical muttering I did while swinging a toadstool and hopping on one foot probably did reinforce that idea).


Janet said...

You make me laugh, right out loud!


Mary Stella said...

That's so cool, Bonnie. I just finished Cobra and the Concubine last night and give it a big thumbs up!