Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars

Still sick. But did get to see Revenge of the Sith! Yeah! Good movie, not as good as the first, (I still think the first was the best!) but lots of entertainment. Can’t resist writing a parody.

Star Whores (a parody)
Scene: The darkest moment has come as Ani confesses to Padi and his friends his growing urge to turn …

Ani: Yes, I fear I must turn… the droids, I lust after them. Ever since I was a young boy growing up on sandland fixing droids… the sand got into my brain. I have the compulsion to give menacing looks while tossing my now long locks and telling everyone how confused I am. It is the droids I realize I have the true calling to bond with. I cannot resist… running my hands over that smooth, chilled metal. Oh, I am so confused. Am I into metallurgy or a metalorgy?

Padi: Ani! Don’t leave me for those… metalheads!

Ani: Sorry Padi. I must go over… to the other side.

Oh-bi-Gone: Ani! You must resist the dark side of the farce.

Yodi: Go not to dark side you must.

Ani: Shut up little green thing who speaks backwards bad movie dialogue. Kiss Kermit you should.

General Grevious: Ah-HA! I am resurrected by spare parts found off an old ’57 Ford.

Ani: And your exhaust is really NOT working. You’re farting up a storm of oil. You smell worse than Mace Windu after a five day chili eating contest.

Yodi: Insult not the Jedi council. Chili we eat yes do.

Ani: If you ate chili, Master Yodi, and passed wind, you’d land in another galaxy far far away.

C3PeedO: Oh dear. Master Ani is giving me the eye. R two what should I do? What is the proper protocol for a moment like this?

R two: beep! (translation: eat lots of chili)


e4c5 said...

Interesting reading....:)

Mary Stella said...

Hysterical farce post that is! :-)

Bonnie Vanak said...

Glad you guys liked it! Like it I think did you.