Monday, November 22, 2004

Holiday cooking anxiety

Spent all day Saturday with DH and FIL on board a gambling cruise. I read every word on the page proofs for THE COBRA & THE CONCUBINE. And I realized how very much I do like this book and the characters. It is a fun read and has emotional scenes in it. I snickered still over the “banana scene.” It’s a more angsty book than my previous two. And as I’m reading over Rashid’s character, I realized how much I am called to do his story.

But is it worth it for a book that probably will not be bought?

No answers here. My brain is too tired. Instead, I am ruminating over the turkey hotline. And the 9-11 calls they receive. One guy who used a chainsaw to cut the turkey in half. I am fretful now in my Holiday Preparation Anxiety that I lack the necessary power tools to prepare a proper Thanksgiving meal.

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