Friday, November 12, 2004

The FALCON has flown the coop

Here I am, waxing poetic about writing, returning to the craft of writing and guess what? I ran into one of those author problems. I found out that my first book, released in Nov. 2002, is out of stock with the publisher.

Yup, THE FALCON & THE DOVE is listed on their web site as being out of stock. Gosh, I'm hoping it's a mistake. Because my second book released Dec. 2003, THE TIGER & THE TOMB, is out of stock as well.

I feel like a mom whose chicks have flown the nest. And now I'm worrying about if they'll go back to press. Because it's a reader thing. COBRA, my May release, is a continuation of the adventure. The heroine is Badra, a secondary character from FALCON. I know how frustrating it is to want to read a book that is either out of print or difficult to find. This happened a few years ago with Judith Ivory's first book, BLACK SILK. My friend and CP, Julie, raved about this book, which Judy wrote under her real name, Judy Cuevas. I hunted and hunted for that book. In used bookstores. Online. No luck. It became like a treasure quest.

Then finally, Avon re-released it. But it took YEARS. It was worth the wait.

I have my little cache of both FALCON and TIGER under my bed. I'm keeping them in reserve should they never go back to press. Like the buried treasure Badra and Kenneth seek in Cobra. They're in the pyramid, digging and suddenly...

Badra, shrieking with joy: There's something down here. Do you think it's the jewels of Princess Meret?

Kenneth: Let me fetch the light. Let's see...

They both tunnel with their hands, eager to find the long-buried treasure of the Pharaoh's daughter. Suddenly they hit upon the outline of a box. They brush the dirt the carton with great excitement.

Badra, staring and reading aloud. THE FALCON & THE DOVE. THE TIGER & THE TOMB. Books?

Kenneth, grumbling in English and Arabic: I sailed thousands of miles, risked getting assasinated in my bed, braved the scorching sun for a box of lousy romance novels?

Jabari, suddenly appearing out of the shadows and snatching a copy of FALCON: It is not a lousy romance novel. It is my story. Pay your sheikh more respect.

Kenneth, glaring: Hey, listen I got NO lines in that book and just a couple of name mentions.

Jabari: So you have no wish to keep it. Very well, since I am now out of stock, I will just take this copy with me...

Badra, smiling sweetly: I think not, Jabari. It's our treasure. We found it.

Jabari stares in outrage.

Kenneth: Fork over $5.99, bud. Plus tax.

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