Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Update on The Mating Rite release

It's getting close! I'm anticipating a release date for The Mating Rite in about 3 weeks. This book is about 93,000 words! Here is the blurb:

Ten years ago, Darius Bryant fell in love and lost his mate before they consummated their union. He mourned her death and moved on, but innocent, carefree Samantha always possessed his heart, no matter how many women he had in his bed. When the sexy werewolf shifter discovers Samantha is alive, Darius becomes determined to claim her as his forever mate. He must convince the now-cynical Samantha that her heart, body and soul belong to him. 

Samantha Evers spent years waiting for Darius to return, and thought he’d forgotten his promise to make her his own. She’s vowed to live as a human, for she fears the sexual savagery of the wolf life. Now Darius is back and the only act that will seal them together is the intense sexual bonding of the mating rite. She will fight hard to resist Darius’ sensual allure and his tender words of passion. But a far greater problem awaits them both when they discover someone wants Samantha out of Darius’ life for good, and will stop at nothing until she is dead…

This is my first Werewolves of Montana book that will be in print through Amazon's CreateSpace. It's a new, exciting venture for me, publishing my own print copies. You can read an excerpt here. 

Other upcoming releases include:

The Mating Intent (Book 4.5 of my Werewolves of Montana series).  June 2014.  This is the story of Gabriel, a Florida panther shifter, and a dark elf. 

Happy reading!

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