Sunday, June 30, 2013

A writer's imagination...

Many people would look at this scene and think, "Just another foggy day on the Oregon coast."

I looked at this scene when I snapped the photo and thought, "There is something lurking in that forest in the mist, something that will shift into a creature with sharp fangs and powerful jaws and threaten the heroine."

Whenever I travel, my imagination is always on overdrive, because travel inspires my writing. I enjoy visiting new places and envisioning scenes for a book. This particular spot on Oregon's coast, at a state park, inspired me to write a scene for The Mating Ritual, the next book I'm writing in the Werewolves of Montana series.

The Mating Ritual follows The Mating Hunt, which is Kyle and Arianna's story. That book is finished and about to be sent to a professional editor. In the meantime, while I am awaiting word on the next Nocturne, I am slogging ahead with The Mating Ritual.

Both The Mating Ritual and The Mating Hunt are much longer books, coming in around 50,000 words. And these books are fun to write.

In The Mating Ritual, Darius is searching for his long-lost mate and finds her. But he also finds she is in deep trouble, and has lived in the Skin World far too long to respond to her Lupine instincts for scenting danger.

If The Mating Chase was about a woman who returns to the Lupine world after living as a Skin in college, The Mating Ritual is about a woman who is STILL living and working in the Skin world, and the trouble she faces trying to blend both worlds.

The book takes place mainly in Oregon, and it's a road story. And I'm having so much fun writing it. Because behind a curtain of fog on a lonely, windswept and craggy shore, you never know what will lurk in the forest....

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