Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Excerpt from Phantom Wolf

From Phantom Wolf, my new Harlequin Nocturne:

"Tears rose in her throat. Splaying her hands against the cold tile wall, she surrendered to them. She’d failed those she’d promised to keep safe. Failed saving Sam’s family. So much failure, too many lives lost.

The shower door opened. Naked, Sam stepped inside. He reached for her, but she pulled away, scrubbing her cheeks. Pretending everything was normal.

With gentle persistence, he pulled her against his broad chest, his hands tunneling through her soaked hair. 

Saying nothing, only letting her cry, loaning his strength and support as she wept.

And then she felt him tremble, felt his broad shoulder shake beneath her cheek. Kelly looked up.

Tears ran down Sam’s cheeks.

He leaned his forehead against hers, cupping her face in his hands, and kissed her. The salt of their tears mingled together, washed away by the shower. Kelly opened her mouth beneath his as his tongue slid into her mouth, stealing away her breath. His kiss was demanding and yet gentle, urgent and desperate.

Then he pulled away, reached for the bar of soap and began to wash her.

Symbolic and soothing, his actions roused her desire as he slid the soap over her arms, the slope of her neck. 

Droplets clung to his thick brown hair and sparkled in his long lashes. Water cascaded down his strong, muscled neck, beaded in the dark hairs of his chest and slid lower.

He looked beautiful and sexy and intent, and it took her breath away.

His heated gaze remained affixed to hers as he stroked the soap over her wet, glistening skin. Sam brushed kisses alongside her jaw, sweet and tender as when they’d first made love. His hands cupped the rounded curve of her hips, pulling her tight against him."

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