Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching up

Quick catch-up... finally have emerged from a couple of projects. My zombie/werewolf story has been edited and turned in. This is the short story I wrote for my chapter's anthology that will be for sale on the Kindle later this year.

Then I made my writing goal of 18,000 words on another project, finished that proposal and sent that in. It's a paranormal erotic romance under my evil twin's name. Blair was nagging to write a story, so I gave her free rein.

Now it's time to return to writing another proposal. I'm also doing edits for my December Nocturne Bite, Courage of the Wolf.

Saturday at my chapter's meeting, we were treated to the delightful, acerbic wit of author
P.J. Parrish. Actually, our speaker was Kristy Montee, one of the sisters who writes the thrillers.

Kristy gave an excellent presentation on putting suspense in your novel. It wasn't merely for crime and thriller writers, either, as she gave excellent tips on how to structure a novel. As she put it, "Suspense is simply the need to know what happens next."


Marianne Strnad said...

So many wonderful things to look forward from you Bonnie-thanks!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Marianne!