Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where did the time go?

So, DH and I are at a home improvement store, scouting for blinds for the new windows because now that we have some hurricane impact resistant windows, I realized we have old blinds. Can't have new windows and old blinds. As we are touring the mile-long aisles, DH remarks, "I saw Christmas decorations in Target today."

I shake my head. "Yeah, Christmas in summer. Go figure."

And then I realized, douh. It's nearly October.

Whaaaaa? Where did summer go?

Summer in Florida means heat, more heat, a/c bills and hurricane season. Yet this summer has slipped through my fingers like sand. Today I finished writing a Nocturne proposal and proudly sealed the envelope to mail to my editor. And then I checked the calendar.

Why did it take me all of summer to write this?

And I realized, no, I only started concentrating on this project three weeks ago. With a demanding day job, finishing a proposal in three weeks is pretty good for me.

My sense of timing is all screwy because when I get buried in a project, in life, in whatever, I lose track of time. Next thing I know, my neighbors have Halloween decorations out and I'm shell-shocked to realize it's past Labor Day and the stores down here all carry the fall sweaters, even though it's 92 degrees out.

So, for now, I'll take a break. This weekend I'll be at Moonlight and Magnolias. Immortal Wolf is up for a Maggie award. I doubt I'll win, but it's such an honor to be nominated. And I'm really looking forward to Michael Hauge's workshop Saturday. Have a great week!


azteclady said...

(heh, I didn't know you lived in Florida too, Ms Vanak--and honestly, as far as I'm concerned, it's still summer, what with 90+ degrees temperatures)

Good luck with the awards and enjoy yourself!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hi Azteclady! Yep, isn't living in Florida just swell during hurricane season? LOL. Fortunately, we're getting much cooler weather now. I love the fall and winter in Florida.