Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seting goals for 2010?

New year, new decade in just two days and have I set any goals?

Nope. Partly because I'm too exhausted trying to finish the old ones, and the temporary ones I set for myself this month. That and the fact I've battled insomnia and nightmares the past two weeks have left me feeling like a well-wrung dish rag.

Then today, while driving I was listening to an NPR interview with Gretchen Rubin, the author of the yearlong experiment and new book, The Happiness Project. She has a good blog post on setting and keeping resolutions. She keeps a resolution chart as outlined on her blog. There's a blank template at the end of the blog:

Here's the link to the resolution blog post:

Here's an interesting blog on empowering creativity that she mentions.

Here's a website designed by a guy to keep track of his goals, a free tool you
can use
. You have to sign up, but it's free.

I confess I found Gretchen's blog mainly because she has a post on tips on feeling more energetic. Then I found a post on tips for getting more sleep. Ah, if only there were tips on how to deal with a sick Shih Tzu who yarks all over the carpet and has raging diarrhea on your lunch hour while you're trying to gulp down a ham and cheese sandwich and rush back to work without being late.

I'm in between writing projects now until after the first of the year, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to write a vampire short story for "fun." I've made progress, but I couldn't figure out why I'm so sluggish. Then I made a list of all the projects I've had released this year:

The total comes to FIVE.

The Lady and the Libertine. MM paperback, my last Egyptian historical with Dorchester.
Darkness of the Wolf. Short story released by Nocturne.
Seducing the Vampire, short free e-read released by Nocturne.
Immortal Wolf. MM paperback released by Nocturne.
Holiday with a Vampire III. Novella.

Two full-length paperbacks, three short stories, PLUS working nearly FT all year, travel to Haiti, Nicaragua, and being a wife, plus caretaker to two Shih Tzu dogs who required trips to the vet nearly every other week for the past three months, and other assorted personal issues, and travel.

Most people don't realize that writing a book isn't merely writing. For midlisters like myself, there's promotional work, website updates (I haven't updated mine in a long time) blogging, and other time-consuming, yet important tasks. Then with writing a book come the revisions, the edits, the page proofs and the various sundry tasks, such as helping select a cover and in the case of the Nocturnes, writing a "Dear Reader" letter.

I know authors who have been on deadline for books and received galleys that were due the same day as their other deadlined books. It's a crazy business. We love it, but it's crazy all the same.

I'm very late on establishing any goals. I'm not even certain WHAT kind of goals I want to establish. Personal goals, there are a couple, but writing? Right now my goal is to finish the vampire short story by this weekend. That means writing about 5,000 words.

I did a storyboard, my first, for this project. I wrote a short synopsis. I know what the key plot points, conflict and story arcs are. I just have to buckle down and write it.

That's my goal for 2010. Finish this last project and rest, and then revive for what will hopefully be a more satisfying, less frenetic year.

BTW, the Nocturne authors are launching a new website in January. It's got a dynamic new look, and new features that include doing searches for subgenres of Nocturnes, for example, werewolves. You can look at the author's listing and see if it's part of a series. My Draicon werewolf books are all listed.

Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year!


Mary Ricksen said...

And the same to you my friend. May all your dreams come true in the New Year.
Be happy!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks so much, Mary. Wishing you the same!