Wednesday, December 23, 2009

‘twas the night before Christmas eve and in my domain
I was trying to do laundry, bake cookies and not go insane
The stockings were hung on the tea cart with care
Even though Cookie kept grabbing hers to pull out the stuffed bear.

DH on the phone with his father, alas
Telling him the times of the Christmas Eve Mass
I could have warned him, times two
Never argue with a man who’s aged 92

“Tell him we’ll pick him up at 4:45 on the dot,
And we’ll be off to Mass at a very quick trot,
Then out to dinner to Bobby Rubino’s when Mass is done,
B/c said 92 year old man has a coupon, two for one.”

Friends over tomorrow as we celebrate right away
Since DH has to work all of Christmas Day
We’ll run the trains ‘round the tree and in the back,
Hopefully none of the steam engines will fall off the track.

And I realized I still had nut bread to bake
Even though work ran long and I had a meeting to make,
Christmas is my favorite time of the year
Even when all the goodies make me double in the rear.

Even when life is hectic and there’s no time to breathe,
I’ll take a deep breath Jan. 1 and a sigh of relief,
Until then, on Bonnie! And Bonnie! And do some more!
When it’s Christmas time it’s never a bore!

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