Saturday, May 09, 2009

Birthday cruise!

Thought I'd post pix from my birthday cruise down the Intracoastal. DH and I took a yacht cruise the day of my birthday in April.

Perfect day, sunshine, mild temps. This is me on the top deck, ready to catch some rays.

This is an osprey nest at the undeveloped land bordering the most private, and expensive and guarded development in Boca. The Sanctuary. Homes on the water run around, say, $20 million. Guards in boats patrol the water to keep out intruders.

The fees they pay for this privilege... whoa.

But the birds get to stay for free!

This is the marina entrance to The Sanctuary, the only real glimpse you get of it from the Intracoastal. Hey, even if they did leave a couple of miles of undeveloped land just to guard their privacy, I'm glad they did. The east coast is way overdeveloped as is.

One of the many waterfront homes we saw.

This is our yacht. For two hours, anyway, it was ours! :-)

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