Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hump Day Hunk

Love a man in uniform. This is Ben Barnes, who plays Prince Caspian in the upcoming CHRONICLES OF NARNIA this May. Can't wait for that movie.
Speaking of knights in heavy amour, er, armor, DH and I went to the Renaissance Festival. We actually went out and took time to enjoy ourselves. As I'm looking over the map, this guy on stilts bends over and asks, "May I help you, my lady? Are you looking for something?"
I glance up and say, "Yeah. My virginity. I lost it a long time ago and can't find it. Any ideas?"
He stares, grins and laughs. DH shakes his head. He is used to me, after all, after 12 years of marriage and me blurting out things like that to complete strangers in public places. I love that man. Happy VD day tomorrow, honey.


Gillian Layne said...

Man, Bonnie, the minute we land at the same conference, remind me to buy you a drink! That was priceless :)

Bonnie Vanak said...

LOL Gillian. You wouldn't want to see me drinking. Then I get really outrageous.

I'll be at RT this April in Pittsburgh. Just signed up. Maybe some day we will run into each other.

Aimee said...

ROTFL! I am so going to have to find a excuse to say that to someone someday! LOL!

And WHUH. I'm SO going to be going to see Prince Caspian!
I read the books as a child but I confess he didn't look like THAT in my mind LOL!

Was it set back by the strike?