Thursday, February 21, 2008

Attn: all sadists

Why bother with whips, canes and other instruments of inflicting pain? Just go to the doctor and ask for a coritsone shot.

I was in the podiatrist's office this a.m. finally checking out my foot pain I've had for 8 months, since I don't have to travel for work for another month. While waiting for the X-rays to develop, I picked up an Esquire magazine and started reading an article for men about sadism.


The "Master" was talking about using a cane, a flogger to inflict pain and get the "slave" to the point of pain where the endorphins kick in. He said it gives him a rush. Okay.

It was very odd reading about this while sitting in a doctor's office. The doctor pressed the heel of my foot. "Does this hurt?"


After I climbed off the ceiling, he did the Xray and informed me I have a bone spur and arthritis in my foot. Then he gave me a cortisone shot that's supposed to make the pain go away for a couple of weeks.

YEOW!!!!!!!!!! If you've ever had one, and I had one years ago when I ripped a muscle in my back, it feels like someone shoving a railroad spike filled with acid into your muscles.

As I limped out of the office, I kept thinking about that article on sadism. I wonder if someone injected the "Master" with a coritsone shot into his gonads, if he'd been jelling, feeling the rush, waiting for those endorphins to kick in...


Gillian Layne said...

OMG, I'm feeling your pain.

When I was seven, I had ingrown toenails removed. Stupid, stupid doctor said it will be over quickly and she'll be back to school tomorrow. Those shots they gave me in my toes to numb them were like nothing I've experienced since; natural childbirth didn't even come CLOSE to that pain. And I couldn't walk for four days.

Last year I fell and cut into a toe. I begged my husband to just clean and bandage it up. We dosed it daily with antibiotic cream and it healed, with a a scar but who cares? I'll have to be out cold again before someone touches my feet.

Does a level of pain really make endorphins kick in? I've never experienced pain that makes me feel good....

Aimee said...

I too, can feel your pain.
I've had several cortizone shots...
3 times in my shoulder, and once in my knee. BUT if it burns like that, then your Dr. is doing something wrong. While getting it done is FAR from pleasant, it bears no resemblance to acid in the muscle... Does he numb the site first?

Love your hump-day hunks, btw. YUM.

I just found your site here, so you will probably be getting some other comments on old posts LOL

Bonnie Vanak said...

Owww Gillian!!! I'm cringing just reading that! I have no idea about endorphins kicking in after a certain level of pain. I have no desire to test it out, either, lol.

Hey Aimee!!! Great to see you. Yes, the doc did numb it, but didn't help. But I'm feeling much better now.

Nancy Cohen said...

Ow, Bonnie. Your tale made me cringe. And I've been putting off making an appt with a podiatrist for the numerous foot problems I've been collecting. I have had plenty of cortisone shots for trigger fingers, but with the right hand surgeon, I barely felt them. Somehow having a shot on my feet is even less appealing, but my heels are not the problem. Did he give you any exercises to do?

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hey Nancy! Good to "see" you around. Yes, he told me when I get out of bed in the a.m. to do some minor stretches. You don't have to get the cortisone shot, it is optional, at least with a good podiatrist it is. I'm also taking glucosime to build up the cartildge. My husband did it and his heel spur doesn't bug him anymore.

Good luck... I know how it is!