Friday, December 07, 2007


One year ago today, we lost our dog, Tia, so I'm taking an internet break, but wanted to post her photo for anyone interested. Such a loyal, wonderful friend she was. I still miss her, tons.

Drama last night when I tried to get home from the day job and found our neighborhood blocked off by cop cars and the SWAT team roaming the streets. Turns out some yahoo with a gun robbed the grocery store one block over. The same grocery store where the little old ladies flock there in their motorized shopping carts and argue with the cashiers about expired coupons.

Anyway, said yahoo then fled into my neighborhood, still armed and dangerous. I think they caught him.

The only good thing in all the commotion I got to see my neighbors again and we chatted. Gosh I have such nice neighbors. We invited one over with his kids to see our trains. Sad that the only time I ever get to talk with them is after a hurricane disaster and when there's an armed robber running loose in the neighborhood. "Hey look, SWAT team, gunman, was that a bullet flying past? Say, are you guys coming to our Christmas party this year? We'll have rum and eggnog." Sigh...

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