Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hurricane Matthew - We are under a hurricane warning

Such is life in S. Florida. We haven't had a hurricane since Wilma in 2006, and that one did a lot of damage. The storm dropped a tree on my house and we had to get a new roof, plus two other trees fell, but thankfully NOT on the house.

On the right is the barometer reading at 7:25 a.m. the day Hurricane Wilma struck. You can see how low it is...and I will get out the trusty barometer again to see how low it gets with this storm. Hopefully it will not! The lower the pressure the more intense the storm.

And this is what happened during Hurricane Wilma... the tree fell on our Florida room, thankfully, and did not take out half the house, only the Florida room. I had been standing there moments before and realized I needed to get inside.

My guardian angel must be exhausted...

Hurricane Wilma caused the power to go out for almost a week. The only good thing was that the weather was cool, so we could sleep with the windows open. Now it is very hot and sticky.

And that's me standing between the two trees that fell in our backyard. Not happy!

It could have been worse.

For Hurricane Matthew, we are prepared. WE have a generator, and gas, and we installed impact windows and an impact garage door. The hurricane may or may not brush past us. It's going to be close, but as with any hurricane, especially a Cat. 4, you don't fool around when you live five miles from the beach.

I am worried about this storm and trying to stay calm. I had trauma during Wilma, and was so scared. I'm concerned about my butterflies, too. Sounds crazy to worry about butterflies during a hurricane, but I love my garden. I'm doing what I can to try to save the monarch butterfly. This morning, the day before Matthew is supposed to approach our coast, I shot this photo of a monarch on milkweed we bought over the weekend.

I think I'll take in the plants that are not on the ground and put them on the back patio.

Stay safe, all in this storm's path. It's going to get nasty very soon.

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