Thursday, December 05, 2013

New covers, new look

Introducing the new look for my Khamsin Egyptian series. All seven historical romances have new covers! The books are being proofed right now and I plan to release them again in January.  All the books are also labeled so you know the reading order. No more guessing!

In other writing news, I have been quite busy, and forgot to mention the terrific news that happened last month. Our book, Dark and Dangerous, hit the USA Today bestselling list for three weeks in a row!

I am now a USA Today bestselling author. Woot! Special thanks to all the readers who bought Dark and Dangerous, and to my fellow authors Jennifer Ashley, Felicity Heaton, Caris Roane, Erin Kellison and Laurie London. Dark and Dangerous also made the Top Ten list of IndieReader's bestselling indie titles. And Dark and Dangerous was an Amazon Top 50 Kindle bestseller! 

We're planning to release a Dark and Dangerous, Book Two, in spring 2014. My story in this version will be a novella that is exclusive to that book and the prequel of my Werewolves of Montana series.

Titled The Mating Heat, the novella is about Ryder, a fierce, yet tender alpha who clashes with Aiden, the alpha of the Mitchell pack. It's set in the time when Aiden is starting to form his pack and things are very precarious. Aiden's sister, Kayla, arrives at the rundown ranch Aiden is trying to renovate bearing a very special gift for her brother, one that a nasty group of trolls is after. Ryder is determined to protect Kayla from the fallout, but she is equally determined to show Ryder she's not a spineless female who needs a big strong male ... well, except maybe in bed!

In other writing news, I hope to have Darius' story, Werewolves of Montana 4, out some time in February. Demon Wolf, my next Nocturne from Harlequin, has a publication date of May 2014. And I turned in a proposal for a new Nocturne series called Bad Boys of Cajun country, about a pack of biker werewolves searching for their true mates who are secret guardians of the innocent and dedicated to fighting evil. These will all be Draicon werewolf books.

Happy holidays and happy reading! 

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