Thursday, May 16, 2013

Phantom Wolf in Nicaragua

I'm in Nicaragua this week for the day job, and decided to bring my June release, Phantom Wolf along for the ride. The book is in stores on June 4 and since Shay, the hero, has been sitting in my box of author copies, I figured he would like to get out and stretch his legs and visit a country he's seen in his duties as a US Navy SEAL. :-)  Part of Phantom is set in Honduras, another country I frequently visit. 

I'm photographing the book in places I visit in Nicaragua, from hiking up mountains to visit poor homes to orphanages. This photo was taken just south of Somoto, in a rural area with poor homes.

Right now I'm in Ocotal, which is a town that is about 15 minutes away from the border of Honduras. It's very dry and dusty here, and the rainy season has gotten off to a late start. 

This trip to Nicaragua has taken us all over the country. We started out in Managua, drove south to Grenada, then north to Matagalpa and now we are in Ocotal. 

Earlier this week we visited a girls orphanage in Grenada where many of the children have suffered trauma; either abuse, neglect or abandonment. Some of the stories are absolutely heart-wrenching. 

Celebrity Justin Long was visiting while we were there. Seems like a nice guy, and the girls loved the attention.

If you are interested in seeing the places where Shay ends up in Nica, please stop by and like my fan page on Facebook. Have a great week! 

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