Sunday, May 12, 2013

Meet Sam "Shay" Shaymore, Navy SEAL

He first makes an appearance in The Covert Wolf... excerpt below is from a scene where Matt, hero of Covert Wolf, has to make sure Sam "Shay" is not a Fae using glamour. 

Shay's story, Phantom Wolf, is out June 4 from Harlequin Nocturne. Enjoy!

Excerpt from The Covert Wolf.

copyright 2012 by Bonnie Vanak

When he opened the door, Sam stood in the hallway, a wide smile on his face. “Dakota.”
            Fisting his hand in Sam’s collar, Matt dragged him into the room,
 kicking the door shut with a boot. He slammed him against the wall, his
eyes wild, breathing ragged, as he shoved the gun beneath Sam’s jaw.
            “L.T.! What gives? Chill out!”
            “Talk. Tell me the code.”
            Sienna bit a knuckle, her heart racing.
            To his credit, the young SEAL didn’t flinch beneath the heavy pressure of Matt’s hard hand. “To country. To comrades. To protect. To defend. To conceal. To silence. To the death.”
            Silence hung thick in the air. Matt remained tense, but lowered the gun. “What’s my name? What am I to you?”
            “You’re Lieutenant Dakota, although right now I’m tempted to call you a complete and total asshole. Did you forget your meds?”
            Matt turned to Sienna. “Keep your eyes on him. If his body even flickers, tell me and I’ll put a bullet in his brain.”
            “Hey.” Sam’s eyes widened.
            “Shut up. If you’re Shay, tell me who gave you that scar on your left shoulder.”
            “You did. Saved my ass during the voodoo priestess op inGrenada.”
            “She was sucking out my life force, and the bullet broke her hold. Damn it, L.T., what is this about? Want to get off me now? People will think we’re in love.”
             “Time, Sienna.”
            She glanced at her watch. “Ten minutes.”
            Matt lowered the SEAL to the floor and holstered his gun. His big shoulders remained tense as he blew out a heavy breath. “Sorry. Had to make sure. Even our team code…I had no way of knowing if it had been leaked, too. The Darksider Fae teaming with the pyro demons can’t hold a glamour long. And there’s no way they knew about your being shot.”
            His big shoulders remained tense. “No one knows details about your
little gem, except you and me.”
            “What the hell’s going on?” Sam’s gaze whipped between them both. “You look worse than yesterday’s leftovers. And why are you already here? ETA was 1500 hours.”

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