Friday, December 21, 2012

Meet the men of Seal Team 21, The Phoenix Force

Navy SEAL and Draicon werewolf Lt. Matthew "Dakota" Parker, from The Covert Wolf and Taken by the Alpha Wolf (short story). He's quiet, a wolf determined to get the job done, even when faced with the flame-breathing pyro demons that killed his best friend in Afghanistan

Navy SEAL and Chief Petty Officer Samuel "Shay" Shaymore. He first appears in The Covert Wolf. His book, The Phantom Wolf, is out in June, 2013. Shay is a Phantom Elemental Mage who can shapeshift into any life form, but once preferred the wolf. He meets his old flame, Kelly Denning, who is from a class of Mage his people detest. But Shay has sworn a vow to keep her safe, even though her father is suspected of killing Shay's entire family in a bid to take their enormous powers. To keep a war from breaking out between their people, they must learn to trust one another again, and work together despite the taut sexual attraction that still flares between them.

Navy SEAL and Primary Elemental Mage, Lt. Commander Dale "Curt" Curtis, commanding officer of ST 21. Curt first makes an appearance in The Covert Wolf. Look for a very special scene in The Phantom Wolf regarding Curt. I'm busy writing his proposal now in a book I am calling The Demon Wolf, the third book in The Phoenix Force. 

Stephen, the New Orleans vampire asset to the SEALs in the Phoenix Force. He first appears as Gabriel's neighbor in The Shadow Wolf, and then makes appearances in The Covert Wolf and a brief appearance in The Phantom Wolf.

Ex-military himself, Stephen plays it cool, loose and sexy, but hides a dark secret from his past which will come to light. With his chestnut curls, rich accent and smooth sensual nature, he is irresistible to most women, but will meet his match in Nicole, a woman he is charged with seducing.  I'm toying with Stephen's story now... he's so intriguing I had to start it! 

You can purchase The Covert Wolf here, and now, available for pre-order on Amazon is The Phantom Wolf! 

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