Sunday, December 02, 2012

Back from Nicaragua

Back in the States again! I just returned from Nicaragua, where I was working for the day job. We went into the mountains of northern Nicaragua near Somoto, which is where I photographed these children.  It was a great trip, lots of success stories of families who now have real homes, and an equal amount of sad stories of families and children who still need food and housing.

On the writing front, I turned in revisions for THE PHANTOM WOLF, the next book in my Navy SEAL miniseries for Harlequin. Thanks to my editor's great suggestions, I was able to focus on totally revamping this book, making the plot and conflict more streamlined, and really fleshing out the internal conflict of both characters.  She approved the revisions (YAY!!) and I expect to have edits back this month.

THE PHANTOM WOLF is scheduled for release next June. The hero is Chief Petty Officer Sam "Shay" Shaymore, and the heroine is Kelly, a woman from his past whose father is accused of killing Shay's entire family.

And now I'm concentrating on two new projects. First up is the proposal for the third Navy SEAL book, which I'm calling THE DEMON WOLF. The hero is Lt. Commander Dale "Curt" Curtis, the commanding officer of my SEAL team. 

The other project is an indie book I wrote before I became published. It's an historical based in Virginia right before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. The working title is The Lady and the Patriot, but that will likely change. The book did final in a couple of contests. But although I completed the manuscript, no publisher wanted it because of the time period. So I'm going to self-publish it. The goal is to get this published by mid-January, if not sooner.

December is a busy month. I'll be in New Orleans Dec. 14-17 for Heather Graham's Writers for New Orleans conference, and doing a booksigning on Dec. 16 at the Hotel Monteleone. If you are in the area, stop by to say hello!

Until later, have a good one! 

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