Friday, August 03, 2012

Call me a sap...

This morning as I sat on the deck of the rental, drinking coffee and gazing out at the fields and mountains, a thought kept running through my head. I am a sap.

I love happy endings.

I told this over dinner the other night to a few people, friends of friends I had just met when they asked me what I write, and why I write it. The answer came to me like a slap on the head.

Yeah, I'm a sucker for relationship stories and I enjoy creating paranormal worlds and action, adventure and mystery.

But it's the happy endings in romance novels that give me the greatest reason to write what I write.

It's so peaceful here in TN, quiet and serene. One could get away from the world and its troubles, and I've had first hand encounters with some, mainly in the name of hunger and poverty encountered in my travels for the day job.

For nearly 19 years, I've worked hard at the day job to help those who are hungry, homeless and hurting. Sometimes I think it's not enough. Real life isn't fiction. It twists and turns like a mountain road, with a few surprises leaping out at you. Sometimes in the form of joy, sometimes sorrow.

But books, ah, books! I love being an author. And I love happy endings, which is why I write romance, and why every book I write has a happy ending. And why, as much as I adore good fiction and read outside my genre, I hesitate to pick up a book where I'm not certain all will be resolved.

No matter how awful the circumstances, how deep the conflict or how big the odds, when you read one of my books you can be assured the characters will be in love, realize their love, commit to each other and face life together by the time you read the last page.

Turn on the television these days, search the internet there is plenty of bad news.

It's why books are so important to me. They provide an escape, a respite, much like a cabin in the mountains of TN.

Real life is tough enough. It's why I am a sap for happy endings in books.

Guilty as charged.

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