Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I've been on deadline with the Craving coming out this October. It's been tough to write because of a lot of distractions lately. Next week I'll be in Nicaragua for the day job. I'll be interviewing poor people about their plight, asking them questions about their greatest needs...

seeing hungry children who have no food. These trips always take a little out of me.

But I digress... I wanted to share an amusing tale about my disorganized book collection and how my Nook came in handy last week.

I wanted to read a paperback I'd purchased last year. I knew it was in the bookshelves, someplace. Mind you, trying to find a book on my shelves is like searching for the dog when it's time to go to the vet. I KNOW she is there, someplace, but she's good at hiding.

I looked at my bookcase, at all the books, and just could not deal with it.

Then I looked at my Nook, and how easy it was...

I bought and downloaded the book. It's now digital, on my reading device and I don't have to search anymore.

Of course I KNOW that paperback will pop up sometime before I finish reading the book... that's the rule, isn't it? 

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